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Thomas Pohl (SUCKERTOM)

My name is Thomas Pohl (aka SUCKERTOM), a 35 years old freelancer in graphic-design, product-design and photography.

I have studied productdesign at the HFG in the city of Schwaebisch Gmuend (near Stuttgart / Germany)

 My work as suckertom:

Im creating visual pics/animations with twists, reflective content, brainfuck or completly senseless shit.

With The last one I have the most fun.

 I get my ideas from everything surrounding me. Nature, TV, especially the big www is a huge source of inspiration, especially finding other artist who make the same style of artwork

were i can get inspired. I hope i‘m an inspiration too for other artists,…so this results a neverending artwork loop.

Art: Thomas Pohl (SUCKERTOM)