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Technology and Sex by Aurora Campbell

In my work I focus on the link between technology and sex, relationships, sexuality, self esteem and vulnerability. This series features black and white ink line drawings of various snapshots drawn from personal images which represent these themes in a new light; it’s the portrait of a typical millenials’ sexuality through self portraits, Iphone photos, screen shots, revenge porn and shared moments. I am interested in modern courtship, and how sexually forthright we are able to be in the Tinder age, how easy it is to bond and create closeness through a smartphone and the control it allows us over our sexual presentation. My work is erotic, personal, and raw. I’m passionate about picking up where the media lets us down in terms of sexuality, body image and gender- I strive to make work that is honest and real, derived strongly from a female perspective. In a world saturated by male dominated depictions of female sexuality, I think it is so valuable that regular women have online platforms to express themselves and to empower one another, which is why technology is such a big part of my process.

Art By Aurora Campbell
Web auroracampbell.weebly.com