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New Talent from New York “BAHIRI”

I’m a 20 year old rapper/producer from Rochester, NY. I got into Music because of my dad and have been writing raps since I was 9. At the age of 12 I started taking Music seriously when one my cousins asked me to record at his studio. Since then I’ve produced for the likes of frequent collaborator and xxl freshmen Angel Haze, Ryshon Jones, Hoa Bossman , Eddy Baker, Latash Alcindor , Jamee Cornelia , recent peanut mag artist of the week BREAMO and more through out years. Currently I’m working on my solo projects and I’ve been releasing singles since I came back from my hiatus in 2016. My most recent project is a single by the name of “Tommy.” , the audio is available via SoundCloud , Spotify and Apple Music.

Recent music single called “TOMMY”

Recent music video called “DOWNTOWN”